Is the HCG Diet Safe for Everyone?

The HCG diet is a drastic weight loss plan but its actually pretty safe. It uses the HCG hormone which is produced by pregnant women and this speeds up the metabolism and burn fat deposits to give you energy to protect the growing fetus in your womb. Of course if you go into any diet or weight loss plan you should not be pregnant. This is a pregnancy hormone that tricks your brain to believe that you are actually pregnant.

The only concern with this diet is the 500 calorie a day limit which could be too much for some especially those with underlying health conditions. This program was developed for severely obese individuals to help them lose a lot of weight at the speediest way possible. This HCG weight loss program could last for about 2 months and it has 4 stages. The last stage can be a lifetime stage as you try to maintain your healthier weight so you wont end up gaining it all back again.

Acai fruit juices are great because it retains the delicious flavor of the fruit but theres one disadvantage when you choose this over the food supplements. First, its highly likely that the fruit juice is made by heating the Acai Berry and this will reduce the concentration of the essential elements that it possesses. The main reason why this fruit is so popular is because of the essential elements so once this is greatly reduced, then its almost useless to spend so much on it anymore.

Acai fruit juices may also have fillers such as water added and coloring to make it look like its pure. Make sure you buy only from reputable sellers if you want to buy the fruit juice so you will still have the purest juice and not pay for the fillers that are of no benefit to you. Make sure you check the company and the products quality before you make a purchase.